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Automatically scan custom-built apps, find business-critical security vulnerabilities and strengthen your web app security with Application Scanning.

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Decide what to scan

View your Assets (domains and subdomains list) to decide what to scan


Customize your scans

Create scan profiles, define settings, and direct our engine towards them.

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Continue scanning


Test your apps continuously for the latest vulnerabilities with recurring weekly scans in development, staging, and production environments. Alternatively, schedule your scan frequency or trigger tests with the API from your build systems.


Go beyond OWASP


By discovering undocumented security vulnerabilities. Find SQL injections, vulnerabilities behind authentication, input sanitation problems, SSL and encryption misconfigurations, and more.


Prioritize and fix vulnerability findings

Prioritize and fix vulnerability


Receive a complete overview of all vulnerabilities. Filter and tag findings to better prioritize them and receive expert remediation tips.

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Unique crawler optimized for security testing

Render and crawl custom-built applications for in-depth findings in modern web applications, including Single Page Applications and JavaScript-heavy applications.Monitor your attack surface to spot misconfigurations and business-critical vulnerabilities to improve your security posture instantly.

Scanning vast web apps

Manage the scanning of large applications with our crawler, which looks for common structures and filters similar pages to reduce scan time.

Fingerprinting for personalized security

Map out the technologies you use to initiate only the most relevant and applicable security tests for your web app’s tech stack.

Fuzzing combined with ethical hacking research

Our fuzzing engine is continually advanced with new security tests and methodologies, thanks to the latest submitted vulnerabilities from C.E.D, our Cyber Expertise Department.

Scan what you build

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Application Scanning


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Support 24/7

Unlimited assets

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Continuous scanning and feedback of your web app security.
Conduct in-depth testing with crawling and fuzzing.
Test parts of your application that require authentication.
Run security testing for modern, JavaScript-heavy web applications.