Monitor what you expose on the web

Surface Monitoring strengthens the security of your applications' Internet-facing subdomains and detects exposed files, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations continuously.

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Easy to get started

Simply add your domain and instantly monitor all subdomains and applications.

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Gain visibility and get results


Monitor your entire external attack surface, find vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across all your subdomains, and get immediate results 24/7.


Connect your workflow with
our integrations


Set up email notifications, export scanning results in differrents format or use our API to receive results to the tools you use daily.


Prioritize and fix vulnerability


Receive a complete overview of all vulnerabilities. Filter and tag findings to better prioritize them and receive expert remediation tips.

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Test your infrastructure

Find vulnerabilities in your container environments and your infrastructure-related software.

Cover DNS infrastructure and domain takeovers

Discover issues and misconfigurations that could lead to subdomain takeovers, such as Expiring Name-Servers.

Test for CVE’s by sending payloads

Scan for vulnerabilities and prohibit unauthenticated hackers from executing arbitrary code.

Search for unintentional information disclosures

Find API keys, tokens, passwords, and other information hardcoded into your apps or left in plain text without proper configuration.

Cover standard software

Make use of several thousand security tests to look for many different types of vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations, XSS, SSRF, and RCE in products used in most technology stacks.

Monitor large enterprise products

Prevent a malicious hacker from getting access to any business data stored in your systems, for example, through Default Credentials.

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Continuous and always on monitoring

Monitor your attack surface to spot misconfigurations and business-critical vulnerabilities to improve your security posture instantly.

Payload powered by strong knowledge

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Fingerprinting for personalized security

Discover and map out the technologies you use to trigger only the most relevant security tests based on each of your web application’s tech stack.

Subdomain takeover monitoring

Monitor and detect if any cloud-hosted subdomains and other providers become susceptible to takeover by an external party.

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Surface monitoring


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Find vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your web apps.
Cover DNS infrastructure and domain takeovers
Search for unintentional information disclosures
Keep track of all Internet-facing assets and technologies.